The Finnish filtering list and its contents


Tags used:

TGP - thumbnail gallery post, most often a "Circle jerk TGP" - a website that advertises other pages. Often contains nothing but images that link to either other advertisement sites (which in turn link to other ones...) or to porn pages that host content. May advertise links to legal content as illegal, up to and including child porn.
TOPLIST - An advertisement site that ranks advertisement banners and links. The links operate like they do with TGPs.
IMAGEBOARD - A 2channel-type image-based discussion forum, which allows anyone to post anything anonymously. These boards DO have moderators, but they may prove unable to keep up with the flood of incoming data when child porn appears on the site. Nevertheless, far less than all of the site's content is illegal. The proportion is closer to <1%.
Site - A porn site that hosts content.
Dead - The server could not be reached / an empty page / 404 / a redirect to another site, etc.

Young - Contains actors who look particularily young (though are not illegally so,) often with their pubic hair completely shaved off.
- Actors are primarily aged 18-20. The small print from one such page: "All references to "teens" or "teeniest" are for fantasy purposes only and they denote to women over 18 years of age."
Mature - Contains actors who are aged 40+.
Amateur - Contains at least some content produced by amateurs, such as home video or images, as opposed to that produced by commerical porn studios.
Gay - Contains gay or bisexual porn of men.
Lesbian - Contains gay or bisexual porn of women.
Fake - Advertises links to "illegal" sites, which usually turn out to be legal porn sites or other advertisements.
Fictional incest - Contains fantasy porn where the actors have large age differences. They are still over the age of 18 and not related.
Fictional rape - Contains fantasy porn where an actor is "raped."
Fictional forced incest - Both of the above.
Cartoons - Cartoons, which may depict minors. Such content is legal since it's not based on reality.
3D - As above, but the images are computer-modelled instead of hand-drawn.

CM - Child modeling pages that do not contain nude children or sexually explicit content. Such content is legal, though suspect.
CP - The site contains child porn.


The sites on the list have been checked relatively quickly, without going through every single one of the links within such an investigation would take far too much time (on the order of man-years). Not that the National Bureau of Investigation is likely to have viewed every link, or, given the mindbendingly high ratio of legal sites, even every site. Further, the content or the availability of the sites may have changed (dead sites may come alive or vice versa.) Nevertheless, the Stetson-Harrison method indicates an accuracy rate of at least a 95%.

Content breakdown:

The list features 1047 sites, nine of which have been confirmed to contain child porn. Only one of these hosts it the same one that Matti Nikki reported more than a year ago!

251 pages, roughly a quarter of the whole, contain gay porn. Only 4 contain lesbian porn.

Site type Number Ratio Content legality
Blue - the site is completely irrelevant. 9 < 1 % Legal
Green - the site has nothing to do with child porn. 879 84 % Legal
Yellow- the site contains pages of child models. 46 4-5 % Legal
Orange - at least a small portion of the site's content may be classifiable as child porn, or the site links to such content. 28 2-3 % Difficult to define
Red - the site contains material that's classifiable as child porn. 9 < 1 % ILLEGAL
Dead pages 76 7-8%  
1047 100%  


The list

DomainIP addressCountryReverse domain name


10gay.com209.8.25.211US, United States TGP, teen, gay DEAD TGP, amateur
17gayboys.com78.140.138.75NL, TGP, teen, gay
18younggirls.com207.226.171.18US, United TGP, teen
1st-sweet-sex.com216.255.189.11US, United TGP, amateur
1teens.net69.10.35.250US, United States TGP, teen, young
2ch.ru213.148.6.69RU, Russian IMAGEBOARD, likely CM, possibly CP
2superteens.com69.31.91.82US, United DEAD
3on.com69.50.131.239US, United DEAD
4angles.gk.to211.110.10.174KR, Korea, Republic of DEAD (forwards to korean portal)
acemodeling.com89.248.168.128NL, Netherlands TOPLIST, CM
adult-mpeg.net209.66.123.69US, United States TGP, teen
ah-teens.com209.8.28.153US, United TGP, teen
alex-galleries.com69.31.45.242US, United TGP, teen
alex-thumbs.com69.31.45.242US, United TGP, teen
allxxxfree.net205.252.167.50US, United States TGP, teen, young
amateur2u.com194.110.160.128US, United TGP, amateur
amglover.com66.29.18.144US, United TGP, teen, young
amour-xxx-angels.com72.232.179.205US, United TGP, teen
angeltwinks.net69.10.43.18US, United States TGP, teen, gay
art.teensart.com65.19.150.55US, United TGP, nudity, teen
assteenagers.com207.226.167.18US, United TGP, teen
awmpage.net64.28.179.90US, United Affiliate site - no content
azureteens.com205.252.167.54US, United States TGP, teen
babez.net161.58.88.125US, United TGP, teen DEAD
badoldman.com72.232.116.101US, United TGP, older men with teens
barby-cuties.com209.66.123.190US, United States TGP, fake CM ads / fake CP links
beauty-pearls.net69.72.215.148US, United States TGP, teen
bella-model.com85.17.35.173NL, Netherlands CM site
beregs.info209.9.169.162US, United TGP, teen, amateur, cartoons
best-thumbs.net206.51.238.166US, United States TGP, amateur, teen, Netherlands TGP, CM
bestboyclub.com209.9.169.162US, United TGP, teen, gay
bestyoungboys.com207.226.173.100US, United DEAD
bfcollection.furiousgalleries.com69.50.140.24US, United DEAD
bigbadfriend.com207.226.173.109US, United DEAD
bikinis-hot.nonude.us70.85.137.82US, United TGP, teen
billpics.com66.29.59.160US, United TGP, teen
blackfuckwhite.org88.208.19.3US, United States TGP, interracial
blackmachines.info72.232.116.99US, United TGP, interracial
blackzandu.com63.217.29.56US, United DEAD
board.thaimisc.com203.151.217.156TH, IRRELEVANT: Web tools, forums. etc.
board3.cgiworld.paran.com222.122.132.223KR, Korea, Republic IRRELEVANT: A CGI host (may have been a bulletin board)
boyfucksboys.com69.80.238.81US, United TGP, teen, gay
boyfucksgirl.net207.176.24.178US, United States TGP, teen
boys-for-sex.com72.232.116.14US, United TGP, teen, gay, interracial
boys-free.com70.85.113.154US, United TGP, teen, gay, cartoons
boys-love.ws67.19.179.106US, United TGP, teen, gay
boys.allboyshere.com69.50.173.242US, United TGP, teen, gay
boys.gayadmin.com70.85.27.234US, United TGP, teen, gay
boysfirstim.com207.226.173.100US, United DEAD
boysgall.com67.19.220.251US, United TGP, teen, gay
boyslovesite.org67.19.220.251US, United TGP, teen, gay, interracial
boyslux.net72.232.116.26US, United TGP, teen, gay, interracial
boystrymoms.net72.232.116.74US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
boyxpic.com209.8.21.115US, United TGP, teen, gay, mature
brutalhome.com88.208.17.1US, United States TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
brutallove.org89.149.226.60DE, TGP, teen, mature, fictional rape, cartoons
brutalway.com216.195.44.198US, United States216.195.44.198. TGP, teen, mature, interracial, fictional rape
btwinks.com69.5.93.2US, United TGP, teen, gay
bunnyteenpussy.com88.85.66.109NL, Netherlands TGP, teen
buttgallery.net69.80.237.40US, United TGP, teen, gay
clubteenpix.net216.195.35.112US, United States TGP, teen
collection.boysfreelove.com208.53.130.37US, United States TGP, teen, gay, TGP, CM
columbian-boys.com63.218.226.59US, United TGP, teen, gay
coolbdsm.com74.222.5.185US, United TGP, bdsm
crazydaughter.com88.208.17.1US, United States TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest, cartoons
crazygay.info72.232.116.99US, United TGP, gay
creamy-boys.com209.66.122.231US, United States TGP, teen, gay
cruel-orgies.com63.219.179.115US, United TGP, teen, amateur, voyeur, nudism
cruelxxxmovies.com89.149.253.28DE, TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
cumonteens.biz77.232.83.133DE, TGP BLOG, teen, mature
cunt.girlspark.net88.214.198.15GB, United Kingdom TOPLIST, teen, fake incest links
cute-kitten.com85.17.7.155NL, Netherlands TOPLIST, CM
cuteboysfun.com209.66.122.231US, United States TGP, teen, gay
cuteboysonly.com209.8.25.211US, United States TGP, teen, gay
cutegirlnames.com69.31.86.74US, United TGP
cutemike.com69.93.109.22US, United TGP, teen, gay
cyberteen-tgp.com207.176.7.55US, United States TGP, teen
dad-son.net63.218.224.180US, United TGP, teen, mature, gay, fictional incest
dadanddaughterincest.com208.72.170.163US, United States TOPLIST, fake links to more fake links and CP
daddymovs.com88.208.16.56US, United States TGP, teen, mature
daddys-girl-video.com66.45.243.210US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
dadonboy.com64.28.179.90US, United TGP, teen, mature, gay, fictional incest
dads-daughters.net88.208.19.3US, United States TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
dadsandgirls.org206.161.127.50US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
dadsfuckgirls.com88.208.19.3US, United States TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
dadtryson.com207.226.175.163US, United TGP, teen, mature, gay, fictional incest
dadvsgirl.net89.149.229.87DE, TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
daily-boys.com64.28.179.90US, United TGP, teen, gay
dailygaypix.net207.226.173.100US, United DEAD
dairymary.com209.8.28.157US, United TGP, teen, amateur
darling.artmodelingstudios.com85.17.221.72NL, CM site
deinkuss.com66.45.249.90US, United States TGP, gay
deliciousnuts.com207.226.162.210US, United TGP, gay
doctorpleasure.com66.152.167.218US, United ( TGP, teen, cartoons, young
domoteens.com63.217.29.56US, United TGP, teen
duh-duh.com205.252.167.21US, United States TGP, teen
duvx.com64.255.8.182US, United Adult website hosting company
eagay.com69.10.43.18US, United States TGP, teen, gay
ecran.bestgayporno.com216.255.176.194US, United gay, fictional rape
eighteenteens.net69.50.171.116US, United States DEAD
electricsluts.com64.28.181.42US, United TGP, teen, Russian DEAD
elite-preteens.com62.213.76.253RU, Russian FederationELITE-PRETEENS.COM. DEAD
eliteens.com69.31.45.244US, United TGP, teen
elitelovers.net206.51.231.99US, United States TGP, teen, gay
elmoros.com74.222.4.110US, United States TGP, teen, amateur, cartoons
emily18.babesbank.com88.85.75.117NL, Netherlands Teen site
en.1pondo.tv38.118.195.186US, United States Asian site
est-porno.com69.50.171.116US, United States DEAD
evilxxxclips.com216.195.54.170US, United States TGP, teen, amateur
extra-teens.net69.31.23.154US, United TGP, teen, voyeur
extreme-vids.net207.226.162.18US, United TGP, teen, mature
faggothunters.com74.222.6.65US, United States TGP, teen, gay, cartoons, 3D
family-perversions.com88.214.208.18GB, United Kingdom TGP, teen, mature, cartoons, 3D, fictional incest
family-pics-movs-toons.com88.214.217.11GB, United Kingdom TGP, teen, mature, cartoons, 3D, fictional incest
family-porn-thumbs.com63.217.29.130US, United TGP, teen, mature, cartoons, fictional incest
family-porno.com69.31.91.100US, United TOPLIST, fake links to more fake links
family.allbestporn.com69.31.93.195US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
family.bestcutesex.com206.161.201.11US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
familyincesttree.com206.161.201.12US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
favoriteboys.info72.232.116.99US, United TGP, teen, gay
fazerpics.com66.55.136.163US, United TGP, teen
feralsex.com64.28.177.156US, United DEAD
fhg.dacash.com208.166.52.80US, United DEAD
fierybabes.com64.20.51.210US, United States TGP, teen, mature
filthybrats.com207.226.163.34US, United TGP, teen
firststolz.com64.28.180.90US, United DEAD
fisting-thumbs.com63.217.29.130US, United TGP, fetish
fleshbaby.com209.8.28.156US, United TGP, teen
fmangels.com78.140.135.132NL, TGP, teen
forced-incest-thumbs.com63.217.29.130US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional forced incest
free-boys-pics.net91.192.117.185GB, United TGP, teen, gay
free-boyz.com209.8.25.221US, United States TGP, teen, gay
free-porn-lover.com88.214.204.30GB, United Kingdom DEAD
free-young-boys.com70.85.113.154US, United TGP, teen, gay
free.angels-list.com85.17.7.161NL, TOPLIST, CM
free.chilloutboys.com69.31.131.164US, United States DEAD
free.coolboysvideo.tv216.195.61.50US, United States TGP, teen, gay
free.cumintomyass.com69.31.131.164US, United States DEAD
free.dam-teens.com88.85.89.10GB, United DEAD (forwards to
free.evie-model.com85.17.35.169NL, CM site
free.pornosuper.net88.214.198.15GB, United Kingdom TOPLIST, fake links to more fake links
freebies.8teenies.com64.72.124.2US, United Teen site
freegaysmen.com70.85.113.154US, United TGP, teen, gay
freegaysworld.com70.85.113.154US, United TGP, teen, gay
freehostedpics.com64.111.199.122US, United States List of teen sites
freeincestporn.net69.31.128.67US, United States TOPLIST, links to fictional incest
freeyoung.info69.31.115.196US, United States TGP, teen
fresh-sex-girls.com70.84.34.170US, United TGP, teen
fuckedbydaddy.com205.252.251.50US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
fuckfamily.com209.8.21.210US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
full-sex-movies.com69.10.42.42US, United States TGP, teen, mature
fullincestfamily.com206.161.201.12US, United TGP, teen, mature, cartoons, 3D, fictional incest
futureteens.info72.233.58.25US, United TGP, teen
futuretopmodels.info85.17.221.72NL, TGP, CM
gal.twink69.com209.9.169.187US, United TOPLIST, links to teen, gay, Adult hosting, hundreds of legal sites
galleries.miltontwins.com69.50.139.113US, United DEAD (teen)
galleries.nubiles.net64.111.198.254US, United States Teen site
galleries.orientalrooms.com208.122.216.211US, United States DEAD (forwards to
galleries.payserve.com62.129.129.152NL, TGP, teen ("seventeen" is just a name here)
galleries.schoolboysecrets.com69.59.25.246US, United DEAD (teen, gay)
galleries.teensexmovs.com209.8.21.146US, United Gallery, teen
galleries.teensporn.us209.9.169.36US, United DEAD (forwards to
gallery.amazingtwinks.com69.72.215.26US, United States DEAD (gay)
gallery.bidoctors.com69.72.215.26US, United States DEAD (gay?)
gallery.gayisgood.net216.131.89.81TH, Adsite, gay
gallery.mike18.com69.72.215.26US, United States DEAD (teen, gay)
gallery.piggydollars.com216.131.68.241GI, Asian / transsexual site
gallery.teenboyslove.com91.192.116.17GB, United DEAD (teen, gay)
gallery.washedtwinks.com69.72.215.26US, United States DEAD (teen, gay)
gallerygaysboys.com72.232.116.79US, United TGP, teen, gay
gallysorig.nastydollars.com66.165.186.100US, United Normal porn sites
gals.girlstested.com64.237.52.3US, United TGP, teen TGP, teen, gay TGP, teen, gay
gay-movie-galleries.com209.8.25.218US, United States TGP, teen, gay
gay-penises.com209.8.25.218US, United States TGP, teen, gay
gaybdsmworld.com91.192.117.186GB, United ( Teen, gay, bdsm site
gayboybutts.com69.80.238.81US, United TGP, teen, gay
gayboydelight.com69.80.238.81US, United TGP, teen, gay
gayboyflicks.com69.80.238.81US, United TGP, teen, gay
gayboyspic.com62.128.51.10A2, Satellite TGP, teen, gay
gaycumporn.com88.85.65.77NL, Netherlands TGP, teen, gay
gayformula.com88.85.65.57NL, Netherlands TGP, teen, gay
gayfu.com63.218.129.50US, United TGP, teen, gay
gaygiraffe.com209.8.25.212US, United States TGP, teen, gay
gaylovetwinks.com78.140.138.75NL, TGP, teen, gay
gaymenpost.com88.214.199.185GB, United Kingdom TGP, teen, gay
gaynaked.net74.52.6.43US, United TGP, teen, gay
gaypicsblog.com80.179.147.231IL, TGP, teen, mature, gay
gaysexfan.com72.36.200.210US, United TGP, gay
gaysjerk.com194.110.160.30US, United TGP, teen, gay
gaysteenlovers.com205.252.24.2US, United TGP, teen, gay
gaystudssex.info69.31.131.164US, United States TGP, gay, no content
gayteenboypics.com209.8.25.215US, United States TGP, teen, mature, gay, amateur
gayteenonline.com78.140.138.75NL, TGP, teen, gay
gayteensex.net69.80.237.40US, United TGP, teen, gay
gaytgp.all-boys.com207.226.162.165US, United TGP, teen, gay
gayttt.com209.8.25.215US, United States TGP, teen, gay
gaytwinkpost.com88.214.199.185GB, United Kingdom TGP, teen, gay
gaywindows.com209.8.25.217US, United States TGP, teen, gay
gayworldtgp.com64.20.51.210US, United States TGP, gay
gayxxxmedia.com64.20.51.210US, United States TGP, gay
gb3.sexforsure.com88.85.87.41NL, DEAD (asks for login to a gallery builder)
girlsnude.name72.232.116.49US, United TGP, teen, young
girlspornonline.info66.232.123.237US, United States DEAD
glam-deluxe.com64.72.122.16US, United Teen site
go-gays.com88.85.81.31NL, Netherlands TGP, teen, gay
great-teens.com207.176.7.82US, United States TGP, teen
greenteen.net80.77.85.133GB, United Kingdom TGP, teen
gsboys.com80.179.147.231IL, TGP, teen, gay
gtb.fhg-shockingcash.com64.72.125.167US, United TGP, asian, teen, gay
habengeschlecht.com70.84.33.141US, United TGP, misc, fetish, young, amateur
happysexlinks.com208.72.170.163US, United States TOPLIST, fake links to more fake links
hardlyfucked.com88.208.16.171US, United States TGP, teen, amateur
highxxx.net206.161.124.19US, United TGP, teen
homefantasies.com207.226.177.18US, United TGP, teen, mature
homegirl-sex.com72.29.71.222US, United TGP, teen
honeyvirgins.com88.85.75.13NL, Netherlands TGP, teen
hosted.justteensite.com69.31.91.212US, United Teen site
hot-young-boys.com69.80.237.40US, United TGP, teen, gay
hot.young-sluts.biz64.28.179.249US, United TGP, teen
hotfake.com69.50.171.114US, United States TGP, teen, young, CP?
hotpapai.com209.8.28.157US, United TGP, teen
hottiewatch.com69.22.133.28US, United TGP, teen
hotxboys.com69.80.224.186US, United TGP, teen, gay
hourlypic.com209.8.28.150US, United TGP, teen
hq-teens.com64.21.66.188US, United TGP, teen
hqboys.com209.8.25.210US, United States TGP, teen, gay
hussy.yourlitt.com82.98.86.169DE, DEAD (domain for sale)
i-love-teen.com205.252.24.2US, United TGP, teen
idealboys.com64.28.179.90US, United TGP, teen, gay
illegal-incest.com205.252.248.71US, United States TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incest-city.com209.8.30.226US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incest-part.net72.232.116.74US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incest-rape.org206.161.201.7US, United TGP, teen, mature, 3D, fictional incest
incest-scenes.com63.218.224.50US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incest-sex-thumbs.com207.226.174.226US, United TGP, teen, mature, cartoons, 3D, fictional incest
incest.allbestporn.com69.31.93.196US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incest.sexpicszone.com72.36.170.162US, United TGP, teen, mature, amateur, fictional incest
incest.thumbxxx.net64.247.24.47US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incestabuse.com82.208.60.186CZ, Czech TGP, teen, mature, amateur, 3D, fictional incest
incestbreach.com63.218.224.50US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incestgays.com206.161.201.7US, United TGP, teen, mature, gay, fictional incest
incestgold.net63.217.29.88US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incestheat.com206.161.201.4US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incestholidays.com206.161.201.12US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incestlibrary.com207.226.175.204US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
incestpornorama.com64.28.181.194US, United TGP, teen, mature, fictional incest
innocent-girl.com72.36.251.220US, United TGP, teen
interfreesex.net69.50.188.132US, United States TGP, teen
iwant18.com206.161.123.196US, United States TGP, teen
jabafun.com66.230.161.250US, United States TGP, teen
jokerpics.com66.29.59.160US, United TGP, teen
josiejunior.com208.122.210.146US, United Teen site
just-vids.com206.51.238.166US, United States DEAD
justyoungteens.com64.111.207.205US, United States TGP, teen
katrina.teensart.com74.222.8.14US, United States Teen site
kids-bikini.net217.23.158.33RU, Russian TGP, CM
kissteenclub.com205.252.24.2US, United TGP, teen
kittenteens.com208.72.233.58CA, Canada DEAD
kiwi-teens.com205.252.249.183US, United TGP, teen
kukusex.com208.72.170.163US, United States TGP, teen, fake piratism links
lapsiporno.info83.145.201.47FI, Censored for linking to sites on this list :)
lasttop.com66.230.161.250US, United States TOPLIST, fake links
latteintero.com63.217.29.62US, United TGP, teen
lazyporno.com209.8.21.114US, United TGP, teen, gay
lee-guys.org69.5.93.1US, United Gay links
libicom.com63.217.29.62US, United TGP, latino, teen
linamodel.net85.17.170.200NL, CM site
little-beauty.com209.66.123.187US, United States TOPLIST, fake links, CP ads?
little-incest.com209.66.123.188US, United States TOPLIST, fake links, CP ads?
little-lady.info209.66.123.187US, United States TOPLIST, fake links, CP ads?
little-nymphets.org62.213.76.55RU, Russian Federationlittle-nymphets.ORG. DEAD
little-princesses.com62.213.75.161RU, Russian Federationlittle-princesses.COM. TGP, CM
little-teen-pussy.com64.237.52.3US, United TGP, teen
littleboyssite.com78.140.138.75NL, TGP, teen, young, gay
littleladies.info85.17.213.200NL, Netherlands CM ads, Netherlands TOPLIST, CM DEAD
lolly.artmodelingstudios.com85.17.221.72NL, CM site
lovelyguys.com207.226.178.174US, United TGP, teen, gay
lovepic.net209.8.28.157US, United TGP, teen, amateur
loveteenpussy.com85.255.114.220UA, Ukraine TGP, teen
lovingboys.net83.149.101.39NL, TGP, teen, gay
lustgal.com64.28.183.186US, United TGP, teen, young, gay
madgaysworld.com69.10.43.18US, United States TGP, teen, gay
magicdicks.com88.85.66.111NL, Netherlands TGP, teen, mature, gay
maidenpix.com38.101.1.40US, United TGP, teen
mature-list.net207.176.7.82US, United States TGP, teen, mature, gay
CP sites
medboys.com80.179.147.231IL, TGP, teen, gay
mermaid-gay.com205.252.24.2US, United TGP, teen, gay
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